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Welcome to the Spesoft - GameEx Wiki

The Spesoft-GameEx wiki is a community driven encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Our goal is to build the most complete up to date source of information able to guide users through the installation, configuration, and operation of GameEx and PinballX. You can help us achieve that goal! We welcome any user contributions which help this wiki to evolve into something truly great. On behalf of the editors of the Spesoft-GameEx wiki and the staff of Spesoft we thank you for your visit.

Our wonderful community has helped to generate 78 articles for this wiki!

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ExoDos v6
Has anyone figured out how to run ExoDos using GameEx?
2024-07-17 01:31:07
Virtual Pinball Sites List
Below is a list of virtual pinball programs and support sites list. Please note in reply any sites that you feel should be added....
2024-07-16 22:32:16
Congratulations with 100000 downloads of PinballX
Congratulations to @Tom Speirs on the 100,000th download of PinballX! We appreciate your continued dedication to updating and improving this remarkable front end over the years. thanks !
2024-07-16 10:29:05
[NEWS] GameEx Multiplatform Alpha 1.18
Mainly updates making it easier to run on Android and phones, plus unity mouse support.. Adds touch screen, mouse, remote and gamepad support. New easy instructions and way to install on Android Se...
2024-07-12 04:30:27

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