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Emulated Systems: Nintendo SNES

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Development and History

Variants and Forks

Alternative Emulators


Installation and Operation

Download Locations


Hardware Considerations

Installation Process

Plugins and Setups


Available Plugins







Running Game Files

ROM image needs to be in Super MagiCom (*.smc), Super FamiCom (*.sfc), *.fig, or split (*.1, *.2, or sf32527a, sf32527b, etc) format and can be compressed with zip, gzip, JMA, or compress.

Command Line

-sound or -so                   Enable digital sound output
-nosound or -ns                 Disable digital sound output
-soundskip or -sk <0-3>         Sound CPU skip-waiting method
-soundquality, -sq, or -r <num> Set sound playback quality
                                0 - off, 1 - 8192, 2 - 11025, 3 - 16000,
                                4 - 22050, 5 - 32000 (default), 6 - 44100,
                                7 - 48000
-altsampledecode or -alt        Use alternate sample decoder
-stereo or -st                  Enable stereo sound output (implies -sound)
-mono                           Enable monaural sound output (implies -sound)
-soundsync or -sy               Enable sound sync to CPU at startup
-soundsync2 or -sy2             Alternate method to sync sound
-nois                           Turn off interpolated sound
-echo or -e                     Enable DSP echo effects at startup
-noecho or -ne                  Disable DSP echo effects at startup
-envx or -ex                    Enable volume envelope height reading
-nosamplecaching, -nsc, or -nc  Disable sample caching
-nomastervolume or -nmv         Disable master volume setting
-fix                            'Fix' sound frequencies 
-conf <filename>                Use specified conf file (after standard files)
-nostdconf                      Do not load the standard config files
-hdma or -ha                    Enable HDMA emulation at startup
-nohdma or -nh                  Disable HDMA emulation at startup
-transparency or -tr            Enable transparency effects
-notransparency or -nt          Disable transparency effects at start
-windows                        Enable graphic window effects
-nowindows or -nw               Disable graphic window effects
-im7                            Enable Mode 7 interpolation effects
-displayframerate or -dfr       Display the frame rate counter
-aidoshm <shmid>                Run in AIDO mode, with specified SHM ID 
-hires or -hi                   Enable support for hi-res and interlace modes
-frameskip or -f <num>          Screen update frame skip rate
-frametime or -ft <float>       Milliseconds per frame for frameskip auto-adjust
-hirom, -hr, or -fh             Force Hi-ROM memory map
-lorom, -lr, or -fl             Force Lo-ROM memory map
-bs                             Use BS Satellite System ROM mapping
-bsxbootup                      Boot up BS games from BS-X
-nointerleave or -ni            ROM image is not in interleaved format
-interleaved or -i              ROM image is in interleaved format
-interleaved2 or -i2            ROM image is in interleaved 2 format
-interleavedgd24 or -gd24       ROM image is in interleaved gd24 format
-header, -he, or -hd            Force the detection of a ROM image header
-noheader or -nhd               Force the detection of no ROM image header
-ntsc or -n                     Force NTSC timing (60 frames/sec)
-pal or -p                      Force PAL timing (50 frames/sec)
-superfx or -sfx                Force detection of the SuperFX chip
-nosuperfx or -nosfx            Force detection of no SuperFX chip
-dsp1                           Force detection of the DSP-1 chip
-nodsp1                         Force detection of no DSP-1 chip
-nopatch                        Do not apply any available IPS patches
-cheat                          Apply saved cheats
-nocheat                        Do not apply saved cheats
-gamegenie or -gg               Supply a Game Genie code
-actionreplay or -ar      Supply a Pro-Action Reply code
-goldfinger or -gf        Supply a Gold Finger code
-nomp5                          Disable emulation of the Multiplayer 5 adapter
-nomouse                        Disable emulation of the SNES mouse
-nosuperscope                   Disable emulation of the Superscope
-nojustifier                    Disable emulation of the Konami Justifier
-port# <control>                Specify which controller to emulate in port 1/2
    Controllers: none            No controller
                 pad#            Joypad number 1-8
                 mouse#          Mouse number 1-2
                 superscope      Superscope (not useful with -port1)
                 justifier       Blue Justifier (not useful with -port1)
                 one-justifier   ditto
                 two-justifiers  Blue & Pink Justifiers
                 mp5:####        MP5 with the 4 named pads (1-8 or n)


Support Apps for the Emulator

Game Specific Considerations

GameEx Setup


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