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Emulated Systems: Playstation 2

Emulator last updated:

Current Official Version:


Development and History

Variants and Forks

Alternative Emulators


Installation and Operation

Download Locations

Official: http://pcsx2.net/download.html

Nightly Stable Builds: http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/


Hardware Considerations

Installation Process

Plugins and Setups


Available Plugins


Shaders here:







Running Game Files

Command Line

Taken from the PCSX2 Wiki:


The following format can be used to launch PCSX2:

pcsx2.exe "IsoFile" --OptionName="OptionParameter" --Option2Name="Option2Parameter" ...
  • IsoFile is the image file of the PS2 game to be loaded (with full path and extension).
  • OptionName specifies the option to be activated.
  • OptionValue is used for the options that require some additional parameters. Do not forget to include these parameters inside quote signs (").

c:\PCSX2\pcsx2.exe "c:\PS2\Final Fantasy X.iso" --fullscreen --cfgpath="c:\My Configs\FFX"

The ISO file Final Fantasy X.iso will be launched in full screen mode automatically after PCSX2 is started. The plugin configuration files will to be loaded from the specified folder (c:\My Configs\FFX). Template:Tip

Options list

Note that you can only specify ISO image name in the first command-line option. But you can also skip ISO image name altogether and, for instance, use --usecd, --nodisk or --elf="ELFFileName" options.

At this time you can only use the following options:

General Options

  • --cfgpath="Path": Specifies the configuration files path.
  • --cfg="CFGFile": Specifies the PCSX2 configuration file to use.
  • --forcewiz: Forces PCSX2 to start in the first time wizard mode.
  • --portable: Enables portable mode to store ini and cfg the data to local PCSX2 paths instead of current user's documents path (This requires admin/root access).
  • --console: Forces PCSX2 log console to be visible.
  • --fullscreen: Starts in fullscreen mode.
  • --windowed: Starts in windowed mode (default).
  • --nogui: Disables display of the graphical user interface (you can combine it with --fullscreen when loading an ISO file, so PCSX2 presence will be hidden from the user)
  • -h or --help: Displays full list of command-line options (this list).

Auto-run Options

  • --elf="ELFFile": Executes the specified ELF image on start.
  • --nodisc: Boots PS2 BIOS without DVD image; It is usedful to enter the PS2 system menu.
  • --usecd: Boots from the CDVD plugin on start (overrides IsoFile parameter). You can use this option to play directly from your DVD but you will need to set up CDVD plugin first.

Compatibility Options

  • --nohacks: Disables all speedhacks.
  • --gamefixes=[fix1,fix2,...]: Enables the specific gamefixes for the current PCSX2 session. Valid names are: VuAddSub, VuClipFlag, FpuCompare, FpuMul, FpuNeg, EETiming, SkipMpeg, OPHFlag, DMABusy, VIFFIFO, VI, FMVinSoftware (see PCSX2 for more information).
  • --fullboot: Disables fast booting (does not skip PS2 BIOS when booting an ISO, this may require by some games relying on BIOS to get start-up parameters)

Plugin Overrides

  • --gs="DLLpath": Specifies the file to use as the GS plugin.
  • --pad="DLLpath": Specifies the file to use as the PAD plugin.
  • --spu2="DLLpath": Specifies the file to use the SPU2 plugin.
  • --cdvd="DLLpath": Specifies the file to use as the CDVD plugin.
  • --usb="DLLpath": Specifies the file to use as the USB plugin.
  • --fw="DLLpath": Specifies the file to use as the FW plugin.
  • --dev9="DLLpath": Specifies the file to use as the DEV9 plugin.


Support Apps for the Emulator

MyMc - Allows viewing and editing of memory cards:

Download: Here

Required add-on file: Here

Download above, unzip and install dll to the mymc directory

Guide: Here

Game Specific Considerations

The PCSX2 Wiki is a great resource for per-game setup considerations. Just search the gamename on the wiki:

PCSX2 Wiki

GameEx Setup


External Links

Per-Game Settings




PCSX2Bonus: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-PCSX2Bonus-A-PCSX2-launcher-frontend

PCSX2Lunch: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-PS2Lunch-a-simple-launcher-for-PCSX2

Command Line